Friends of Turtle Creek blockage removal (6)Through efforts of the Friends of Turtle Creek, a large blockage that was causing a safety and flooding issue on Turtle Creek was removed.

On June 24-26, 2013 Turtle Creek flooded due to a week of heavy rains. It crested on June 26 at 11.76 ft, the second highest level since April 21, 1973 when heavy rains caused Turtle Creek to flood downtown Beloit and South Beloit.

Property owners reported seeing full size trees floating down the creek. One large blockage was created by that flood south of Colley Road. Over the next 2 years it continued to accumulate more logs and debris. It was a hazard to paddlers and tubers, and was causing flooding issues for the City of Beloit and erosion issues for surrounding farmland.

Friends of Turtle Creek requested permission from the DNR to remove the blockage. We received that approval in November, 2015. The City of Beloit approached Friends of Turtle Creek to provide assistance in the removal. On December 8, 2015 a city crew performed the removal with assistance from the Beloit Fire Department Swift Water Rescue Team.

Thank you for helping restore Turtle Creek’s normal water flow and helping prevent further flooding and safety issues!