Friends of Turtle Creek is a community group on Facebook where you can share tips, photos and safety concerns. This is where most of our community communication happens. We encourage you to join the group at this link. 

Due to rapid growth of this group and user pressure on Turtle Creek, we have recently added “Group Rules” to our Facebook community to help guide us.  If you have questions or concerns, please email

Friends Of Turtle Creek Facebook Group Rules

Be Good Stewards Of The Creek – Please be a good steward of the creek. Please “leave no trace” and take all of your trash home with you. Help keep the creek clean by collecting other trash you see on your journey.

If it starts with you, it leaves with you. – Please remove punctured tubes and all other items that you bring on the creek. Do your best to collect any items that may fall into the creek from your craft.

Be Responsible For Your Own Safety – The WI DNR requires a PFD on all flotation devices including rafts, tubes, kayaks, canoes, paddleboards. Turtle Creek can be dangerous when flooded or just after. Check water conditions before leaving your home on

Help Keep Others Safe – Group members can report downed trees, hazards on the creek and potential environmental issues. Please report hazards on the creek to our group to help keep everyone safe and our creek clean.

Respect Property Owners and Public Landings – Please respect land owners and do not launch or land on private property. A rule of thumb is “always keep your feet wet” if you don’t know if you are on private or public land. Find public launch sites at

Keep It Positive – Please keep “Friends of Turtle Creek” Facebook group a positive group by posting appropriate photos of your experience on the creek or tips for other users. We do not “police” other people’s activities on the creek in this group. Negative comments about others will be removed.