On June 24-26, 2013 Turtle Creek flooded due to a week of heavy rains.
Many property owners along the creek watched as the waters creeped up over the bank and up towards their home (or in a few cases shopiere turtle creek flood 2013into their home). It crested on June 26 at 11.76 ft, the second highest level since April 21, 1973 when heavy rains caused Turtle Creek to flood downtown Beloit and South Beloit.

Property owners reported seeing full size trees floating down the creek. One large blockage created by that flood is still there (as of Sept 15, 2015) and needs to be removed – it located south of Colley Road (see map below).

The Friends of Turtle Creek is asking DNR permission to remove it and upon approval we will plan a work day to open up the navigational channel of the creek. An email was sent to , Wendy Peich with Wisconsin DNR on 9-16-15 requesting approval.

See map of blockage below. If you are interested in working on removal please send us an email at this link

Historic Crests of Turtle Creek (as measured at Carver’s Rock gauge)

1) 12.85 ft on 04/21/1973
(2) 11.76 ft on 06/26/2013
(3) 10.38 ft on 06/30/1993
(4) 10.27 ft on 02/20/1994
(5) 10.22 ft on 02/24/1949
(6) 9.88 ft on 01/05/1946
(7) 9.73 ft on 02/08/1965
(8) 9.63 ft on 08/20/2007
(9) 9.56 ft on 02/21/1997
(10) 9.52 ft on 02/09/1966

Read all water level history, including low levels here: http://water.weather.gov/ahps2/hydrograph.php?wfo=mkx&gage=cliw3&view=1,1,1,1,1,1

Photos of Blockage

Map Location of Blockage