This is the put-in at Hwy C. There is parking for at least 8 vehicles along the road.

We paddled with friends from Hwy C, the community of Fairfield on the Walworth/Rock County Line, to the takeout just prior to O’Riley Road.

Distance was 4 miles and it took 1 hour 55 minutes of casual floating and paddling. The creek in this area was uniformly 3 to 5 feet deep. We had no areas where we bottomed out. There were challenges with trees in the water at two locations, but we were able to navigate through them.

Current along here was fast enough so we didn’t need to paddle all the time.

When we were staging a vehicle we ran across the takeout which is about .3 miles before the ORiley Road bridge. This is a small parking area for maybe 6 vehicles.

image009One of the things I noticed on recent trips is the need for labeling bridges so people know where they are. This might be a project for the friends group. Make up stencils and label bridges with road names.

By Dean Paynter – July 2015